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Well done to Jenna Maclennan and Mhairi Goodwin.

Thank you to everyone for entering (and the feedback) and we will consider holding other competitions so if you have any ideas on what you would like these to be, then send them through via our Contact Us form.

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Facebook Competition Enter on our facebook page to win a collage.  There are different designs for the two winners to choose from.  Good luck.

Terms and Conditions Apply as below:

Terms and Conditions

  • Photos provided to Carrobes Photography must have permission to edit from the photographer that took them. (If we have attended any of your events then you are welcome to let us know which of our photos you would like to use for it without having to purchase them).
  • 2-6 photos need to be provided to us.  To get the best quality collage, these should be of high quality (although we are happy to receive the images from you and then let you know if they are suitable).
  • The winners have one month from the announcement of their win on facebook to send their photos to Carrobes Photography.
  • Carrobes Photography specialise in horse and dog photography but are willing to discuss other subject material for the collage.
  • No cash or other alternatives to the prize will be offered.
  • The winners agree to the use of their name and collage and will co-operate with any other reasonable requests by Carrobes Photography relating to any post-winning publicity.
  • Unless stated otherwise the winner(s) will be drawn at random from all correct entries received by the closing date stated within the promotional material.
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Summer We will see you at the following events:

-Moray Riding Club Annual Show - 24th July at Burgie

-Ross-shire EGS and Laminitis fun show - 13th August

-Badenoch Riding Club Summer Show - 21st August at Alvie Estate


We are also available to do yard photoshoots and pet photography.

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Back to it I cannot stay away from photography.  The time out after the last blog entry has not lasted long.  After seeing the EGS and Laminitis fun show, we offered our services and so we will be photographing the ridden classes and some fun classes whilst equepic will be photographing the inhand classes.  When it comes to good causes, we can't help ourselves so I may look into doing a few equine events over the summer.  I will keep you all updated.

There is a fun show being held on the 13 Aug 2016 to raise awareness of equine grass sickness and laminitis whilst also raising funds for the EGS fund.  Carrobes Photography has been in contact with organiser Yvonne Maclean to offer ALL profits of our sales to go to EGS.

Please show support as there are a variety of classes and some fabulous prizes for the raffle.

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Delayed Hello


It has been a long time since I have been on the website myself, never mind posting on the blog.

Unfortunately, in December 2013 I started to feel unwell and after extensive tests, it has been confirmed that I have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis which is also commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  There are times in my life I have felt tired but this goes beyond that feeling and my limbs feel like they are being pushed down by an invisible force and naps have become the order of the day ranging from 30 minutes to 4 hours. This has upended my life and the readjustment has been massive as those of you with horses will be able to appreciate.  It took a few months before I was able to poop scoop my field of 2 ponies without feeling like I was welding Thor's hammer.  With the help of friends I am able to keep my horses although a gentle 2 hour hack exhausts me nowadays.

The photography has had to take a back seat with the cameras gathering dust but this is why I am no longer out on the circuit although I have hopes that I will get this managed and get back on my feet properly to do what I love.

All of the photos that we have previously taken are and will be kept and there are back ups so if you are ever looking to buy past photos from us, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks and hope you are well


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Mundole Equestrian Spring Show FINISHED That has been a very long weekend but worth it.  All photos are now on the website, and I see many people have been browsing and indeed buying so thank you - Horses in Clover will be delighted with the monies from this event.

The photographers are exhausted and got a little (okay, a lot) wet on Sunday for the Show Jumping but the sun was out on Saturday (as can be attested by all the people we saw on Sunday who caught the sun).


Total Shooting time on Saturday and Sunday: 35 hours

Editing from Saturday evening until Tuesday Lunchtime: 35 hours editing

Final Images after culling: 2781 (Half of the photos taken didn't make the cut for various reasons).

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Mundole Spring Show - Saturday It's now quarter to ten and we've got show jumping to photograph tomorrow so I'm calling it a night.  I will spend longer tomorrow night editing/uploading to get your photos to you.

We've been photographing from 0900 - 1800 and then home and while cards were downloading to PC, had dinner and then cracked on with editing so I'm taking my weary body to bed, in the hopes of being fresh for tomorrow.

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Mundole Dressage and Spring Show The weather started off muggy but slowly cleared throughout the day.  We managed to capture a few riders at the Dressage on Sunday.  

We'll be photographing the Mundole Spring Show this coming weekend, so here's hoping the weather stays fair.  We're also sponsoring 3 of the classes:

- BSPS Heritage Mountain and Moorland Open Mini Championship

- BSPS Heritage Mountain and Moorland Open WHP Championship

- BSPS Heritage Mountain and Moorland Novice WHP Championship

Each of these champions will receive a gift voucher to put towards a 10x8 print in a Luxury Slip-In Mount. 


I can't believe I also forgot to mention that we're getting incredible amounts of orders in which means more money for Horses in Clover so thank you to everyone who has bought anything from our website.  It is all much appreciated by us and the animals.

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The Season The season has started and we've covered two show jumping days at Mundole, where the weather has held and everyone seems to be getting back into the swing of it.  We've only had one photographer (Rob) at the shows but we might be able to get another photographer out there as well so you have a further choice of which photos to take away from your day out.

Amazingly we've already been able to put £100 to Horses in Clover and Caz is doing some montages so if you can't decide which photos you want to buy, this could be a better option for you instead.  Choose 5 images and have them combined similar to the below image.  Please contact us first if you would be interested in this.  £25 and it is 16x12 inches.

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Computers! The computer has crashed 3 times tonight.  It will be fixed tomorrow but I am desperately trying to get more of the 0.80 class uploaded before it crashes again.


Bear with us.



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Going Forward The events that Carrobes Photography will be covering at Mundole Equestrian for the remainder of this season are:

8 September - Hunter Trials

15 September - Show Jumping

13 October - Show Jumping

27 October - Show Jumping

10 November - Show Jumping

If you are attending any of the dressage competitions and would like some  photos of yourself and your horse, please let us know and if we're available we will attend at no cost to you.


Carrobes Photography are in discussions as we may be looking to change where the donations to charity are going.  Watch this space.


The website has now been changed so that all photos can be ordered as prints or downloaded JPEGs, and all profits made from all orders will be sent to our chosen beneficiary.



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One day Event Photos from Cross Country are edited (as of 18:59) and just saving before being uploaded.

A fab but exhausting day at Mundole.  Carrie and Tilly hada very busy day competing = not many photos to show for it but Rob sat diligently at the cross country course and got several riders with flawless rounds as well as those who had a couple of hiccups.


View your photos soon and please remember to make your donation to:

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Completed and Continuing The photoshoot from Wednesday is completed and all the photos are uploaded.  Lucy seems to be happy with them and it was a pleasure shooing these 2 ponies and puppy.

We are now ready for the One Day Event at Mundole 25/08/2013. Carrie will aim to shoot the majority of the Show Jumping & Rob will capture those moments out on the Cross Country.


See you Tomorrow


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Updated Website The website has now been transformed and is fully functional.  Let us know what you think either via the Contact Us page or leave a comment in the Guestbook.


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New Website Slowly getting used to the new layout of this site = means ponies are left to laze around in the paddock another day.


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